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The Changing Lanes Course can work really well in a CU setting and is flexible enough for you to run it in a way that best suits your group and time limits. Normally each episode can be completed in 30-45 minutes but if you are running the course at lunchtime and only have 30 minutes then here is our suggestion.

Split each episode into two. Simply do Steps 1-3 one week, then the following week begin the session with repeating Step 3 and then doing Steps 4&5. e.g.

Week 1: Episode 1 Steps 1-3
Week 2: Episode 1 Steps 3-5 and so on....

Repeating Step 3 will refresh memories about what was taught/discussed in the previous week as well as providing an introduction to Week 2 and the Bible study of Step 4.

Running the course more slowly may encourage deeper thinking and questioning as there is a week to think about the teaching in Steps 1-3 and ask questions before going on to complete the Bible Study in Steps 4&5.

If you've found a creative way to run the course within a CU setting then why not tell us what you did so we can share this with other CU leaders.