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Trustees' Report

Changing Lanes Youth Ministries was incorporated as a company on 15th September 2011 (no.7775363) and became a registered charity on 19th January 2012 (no. 1145534).

Summary of Objectives: To advance the Christian faith particularly amongst young people.


Jonathan Pearse, Jonathan Edwards, Philip Downes and Sian Price


To make available resources for teenagers and youth leaders in various media formats to help communicate the teachings of Jesus which are central to the Christian faith.


The Changing Lanes Brand Guidelines were approved and the design assets created.

A volunteer administrator was appointed.

Manuscripts were submitted to the publisher for edit and publication.

Promotion of the course began at the New Word Alive Christian conference in April and then at the Keswick Convention (July) and the EMW Aberystwyth Conference (August). Many good leads were made, literature given out and more than 100 new people signed up to our newsletter.

The website content went live with the full Self Study course available free of charge for teenagers. The Leaders’ section also includes free access to the course and various free resources.

The ‘to buy’ version of the course also launched in September. The Changing Lanes Book, (printed version and e-book) the DVD and Handbook were all made available to buy from 10ofthose.

A small number of groups began running the course as soon as the resources were available to buy in September.

We gave away 50 copies of the Changing Lanes Books to Youth Leaders

We began updating our contacts through E-Newsletters


The Trustees were reinstated in line with the Articles of Association.


The income for the year has been generated through charitable donations.

Finance was received through main three sources: Stewardship, Members of Moordown Baptist Church and direct giving.

The total income for the year was £24,046.52 and expenditure £21,388.73

Main expenditure as follows:

  • Film Production £11,966.20
  • Salary £5,051.44
  • Promotion £2,194.09
  • Website £1,192.93
  • Equipment £970.20
  • Design £595.00

Andrew Benfold A.C.A was appointed to prepare the annual accounts.

A target of £1000 reserve remains.


The following were submitted:

  • Companies House Annual Return (Oct 2013)
  • Abbreviated Accounts to Companies House (June 2014)
  • Charity Commission Annual Report (July 2014)

The Trustees’ Annual Report will be made available to view on the Changing Lanes Website