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Jonathan Pearse (Author of Changing Lanes)

Jonny Pearse is married to Rachel and has three children. He moved from North Wales to Bournemouth in 2002 to take up a position as a Pastor for Youth and Families. He’s been a youth leader for over 25 years and has worked with groups of all ages and sizes. He’s been Chaplain of the CCIW senior youth camp since 2003.

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan is married to Julie and has two children. Jonathan works as an Area Manager in Financial Planning and is excited about the opportunity that Changing Lanes provides, in that how it can reach teenagers who may never have heard the Gospel.

Sian Price

Sian Price works for CrossTeach as a Schools worker in Bournemouth. CrossTeach is a Christian charity that began in 2001 and seeks to help young people explore the Christian faith in fun and relevant ways. Some of the ways they do this are through Religious Studies lessons, running lunch time and after school clubs and offering schools Experience Days at Easter and Christmas time. Sian really enjoys working with young people and answering their questions about God and what the Bible teaches.

Before working for CrossTeach Sian taught in secondary schools in the Bournemouth area for ten years. Now she enjoys using the skills she learned from teaching English to teach young people about Jesus and the gospel.

Phil Downes

Phil is married and has three children. He has been working in the digital sector since 2002 and now specialises in digital strategies and delivering digital service excellence.