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The statistics confirm what we know to be true. Church attendance among teenagers is very low; internet use among teenagers is very high. No one is surprised anymore to hear that 97% of teenagers have no regular contact with a Church1 or that 59% of UK churches have no-one attending in the 15-19 age bracket2. Neither are we surprised to read that 90% of teenagers have access to the internet at home3 and that they spend on average 31 hours per week online.4

The need to reach British teenagers with the gospel is obviously great BUT so are the opportunities.

It has almost been a year since we launched our multimedia evangelistic course for teenagers. So we would like to invite Christians from across the country to unite in prayer with us for the success of the gospel among teenagers as a new term begins in September 2014.

1. Courtesy of research carried out by CrossTeach
2. From Article ‘does the church have a future’ Tim Thornborogh, GBC Aug. 2011
3. From BBC News Article ‘without internet at home’ Judith Burns Jan 2013
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#PRAY4TEEN is a campaign that to fuel your prayers and to motivate your Church to evangelistic action in your area.

Please use and share these prayer points and actions with your to youth leaders and church leaders.