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Here are what a few of our partners and friends have had to say about the Changing Lanes Course.

This is a fantastic new evangelistic resource, specifically written for teenagers, exploring the big questions of life and the truth about God. The book is a very clear and engaging presentation of the gospel, high on biblical content, but written in language and with illustrations specifically with mid to late teens in mind.

I cannot recommend the resource too highly. If you have teenagers in your church buy them the book for christmas, run the course in the New Year, and encourage them to invite their friends or run it themselves in a school or college CU setting. John Richards, Nov/Dec 2013, Evangelical Magazine

Hi changing lanes team, can I just thank you for producing a great resource. We've just finished study 3. The production is great quality, the content is faithful and easy to use, it hits the age group well without patronising and without going over their heads. We have had great discussions set off from the video and studies. So I just wanted to encourage you :) Thanks, Matt
Matthew Holden, All Saints, Preston

There is no higher calling in life than to show people from the Bible who Jesus is. Changing Lanes is a brilliant resource for doing just this with young people. We are delighted to be partnering in the distribution of these resources. They are clear, accessible, and faithful to the Bible. I very warmly commend them to you. Jonathan Carswell Managing Director, 10ofthose

Changing Lanes is a fresh and exciting way for FE & Sixth Form students to explore the claims of Jesus. It grapples with the 'big questions' of life through a combination of excellent video clips, thoughtful questions and by engaging the participants with Jesus' mind-blowing words in Scripture. It would be a fantastic course to run in a CU setting. The "Quick Guide" would be especially helpful for leaders with time constraints. It would work well on a one-to-one level with a friend, or students could encourage a mate to do the course online, for free - in their own time. Martin Povey - Evangelist, FE & Sixth Form Initiative (FESTIVE)

For as long as I've known and worked with Jonny, his prayer, passion and pursuit has been, 'Lord Jesus, save this generation for Yourself.' Changing Lanes was born from this prayer, and originally used at our youth group at Moordown Baptist Church. But Jonny's longing is for this to be multiplied throughout the UK. I have had the joy of doing this course in our youth group alongside Jonny, and have seen lives changed as the young people have seen and put their trust in Jesus. Liesl Warton - Staff Worker, UCCF

Changing lanes is a course that deeply impacted our lives and also the lives of our friends. Each teaching session was compelling and engaging, with room for discussions and debate. The course utilizes a modern presentation and approach to teach teenagers the timeless truths of God's word.

Prior to Changing Lanes, the bible study was the part of youth club that we felt we had to endure before we could get on with that evening's activity but, throughout the course, God's Spirit awakened in us a genuine desire to delve deeper into the the bible. Soon the highlight of the week was the bible study and we spent the rest of youth club talking about it amongst ourselves. Every week, more teenagers were invited to our youth club and every week they would leave having heard the gospel. Many of our friends came to Christ as a direct result of what God did through Changing Lanes and we're grateful that we were there to have witnessed such a time of blessing and harvest in our church's history.

We now run the youth work at a church plant called Hope, and we can't wait to use this much needed resource with the young people of our church, and pray that He will use it to changes their lives as radically as he has changed ours. Jimmy and Josie Hill - Youth Workers, Hope Church Ferndown

I am really excited by Changing Lanes. The work of CrossTeach is predominantly with un-churched young people and it can be incredibly frustrating trying to find resources that are engaging for these young people and faithful to the biblical revelation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Changing Lanes is written with the assumption that the reader has no previous knowledge of Christianity and the Bible (which is the reality for most young people in the UK today) and speaks directly to the deep questions about life we all have. Changing Lanes does this brilliantly without compromising on the details of the gospel: including sin and hell.

I am sure Changing Lanes is going to be a powerful evangelistic tool to use with young people. The message is direct and clear. The resource is accessible and engaging. The concept is simple: there are 2 roads and you get to choose which one you travel on. The challenge is; ‘which one will you choose?’
I have to confess my bias! I used to be a volunteer youthworker at Moordown Baptist Church, working with Jonny. I had the privilege of leading a group of young people after they had completed this course. Their passion for Jesus is amazing. Yes, I mean ‘is’ and not ‘was’. To see young people respond so dramatically to the gospel was such a blessing and encouragement.

God used Changing Lanes so powerfully then and for other groups since. I am convinced Changing Lanes will impact many more young lives everywhere it is used: turning young people in to lifelong disciples of Jesus.

We’re already working out how we can use this in our school clubs and I can’t wait to be blessed and challenged as God ignites a new passion for Jesus in the hearts of many more young people. Wayne Harris - National Director, CrossTeach