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What's Next

WOW! Thanks for completing the Changing Lanes course, we hope you enjoyed it, learnt a lot and have been excited by the life and teachings of Jesus.

Whether you have been convinced by this course or not, here are a number of ways you can follow up:

1. Visit the Changing Lanes store to get hold of the Changing Lanes book and other books written for teenagers

2. Read more about Jesus in one of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John). You can order one of these from the Changing Lanes store.

3. Find a Church in your area where you can meet Christians and learn more about Jesus. We've included some pointers on our frequently asked questions page.

4. Give us your feedback by completing our short questionnaire

5. If you want to follow up the course in any other way or still have questions then please get in touch by contacting us.